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Four songs from our wicked-cool set at Sandblastival!

Yes, we are charging money for what is essentially an abstract concept. You can't hold it in your hands or ANYTHING. But wait, there's a reason for this; we are raising money to fund a physical release of whatever we record next. It might be on CD, vinyl, cassette tape, floppy disk, we aren't entirely sure, but there will certainly be a 'thing' of some sort that you can cuddle as you sleep, if that's what you're into. It's a minimum donation of 50p, but if you give us more money we can release cooler stuff!

Anyone who does donate will be rewarded down the line, we promise. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WE HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES.


released June 18, 2012

Recorded by Soundandmusic.
Mixed and mastered by Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe.
Everything else by NOSE (and possibly/probably the crowd).



all rights reserved


NOSE Scarborough, UK

Big ol' riffs, songs about death and borderline sociopathy. Straddling Scarborough and Leeds as if the towns were two giant, nightmarish roller skates, NOSE have been upstaging everyone everywhere at all gigs all the time since early 2012.

"Gloy by NOSE is my favourite song of the year." - Jimmy Watkins, Future of the Left

"Written specifically for a guitar hero game." - Joe Hart, Already Heard
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